Save 80% Over REPLACEMENT Costs!
Save 50% over REFACING Costs!

We can professionally refinish your existing out of date kitchen cabinets with a smooth, durable semi-gloss finish that looks beautiful and is non-porous making it very easy to clean. Using our time proven and guaranteed coating system you can save thousands of dollars over replacement and up to 50% over the cost of Refacing.


If you currently have real wood cabinets but are unhappy with the color of the stain finish, or they are worn and dated, we can sand out the existing color and refinish the doors and frames with the color stain of your choice.  We can add new hidden recessed European hinges and new updated hardware to give your cabinets a fresh updated look, along with a glossy new finish.

Colored Finish

Choose from hundreds of different colors to refinish your cabinets.  We will sand down the existing doors and frames, then apply 3 coats of acrylic primer, followed by 3 layers of our Cabinet Coat 9000. This Pigmented Conversion Varnish will give your dingy old cabinets that smooth, glossy factory-new finish.

New Doors

We offer our customers a wide range of door choices to fit the customers budget.  We fabricate new replacement cabinet doors right in our own shop.  Any style from the basic flat panel to an elegant door with glass centers.  We can sit down with any customer and design a door panel together that will fit your needs and budget.  Real wood doors or colored doors we can do it all!


Just Ask! With our ability to customize, we can make new additions, or adjust structure to best meet your needs. Based on what you want to do, ReUse ReSurface can add new shelving, create custom cut outs for appliances, add see through panels, build and install new drawers, hinges, handles, and much more!

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Easy and Time Saving!

Using industry leading technology and experience, we can quickly and expertly apply a fresh, factory new look for wood or metal cabinets. With most jobs completed in as little as one day, you avoid the time consuming and upheaval process associated with replacement and refacing.

Our high performance coating actually bonds to the original substrate and will not delaminate per time. Unlike refacing materials, which is glued on. Our trained technicians deliver unsurpassed quality of workmanship with your satisfaction our goal.

Huntington Signature Series - Exclusively at ReUse ReSurface

Custom Replacement Cabinet doors made by us for you. We can design, create, and install any style door in a multitude of sizes and colors. Just let us know what you want!

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW, without replacing a thing!